A family history

I am Aaron Edmonston, the jeweler and owner of Steel N Stones. I grew up with a family of jewelry enthusiasts and collectors. My Grandmother, Vivian Edmonston, traveled the United States with my Grandfather researching the geneology of the Edmonston clan. After meeting each new branch in the family tree, Vivian would collect a stone in the area: colorful agates, earthtoned jaspers, simple dark green beach jade. She took the stones home, cut and polished them and wore them as buttons or pins, creating a unique style for herself. Witnessing Vivian practicing lapidary, the art of cutting and polishing gems and stones, was a wonderful introduction into the world of art and jewelry.


All hand-crafted jewelry sold on this site is created in a San Francisco basement studio (in the Sunset District). I work with 316L surgical stainless steel which is tarnish free and virtually indestructible. This material makes up the 20+ cuff or band styles as well as the interchangeable cuff-bracelets. The band or cuffs shown in the online collections were born out of the create atmosphere of Burning Man. Over 2,000 iconic, hand-welded “burning men” made in this stainless steel were given away as gifts throughout the years.


Vivian, my Grandmother, created her own sense of style. So I hope you are inspired by her unique story to choose your own stone and/or cuff to create your own meaningful piece. And, it always makes someone feel special when you give or “gift” them a simple (and indestructible) cuff.

The process of making each stainless steel cuff has been perfected over time. Stones and shells are set using an interchangeable connector. So, with the provision of 30+ stones and shell cabochons, buyers can choose from a number of different style options by mixing and matching cuffs and stones. Custom orders are sometimes accommodated as well.

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